​​Green Leaf Medical, LLC 

The Right Choice For Medical Cannabis Patients

Steve K.

Experienced PROfessionals


“My hope is that Green Leaf will be able to produce medicine that will provide relief to my loved ones."

​Mary B.

“Green Leaf Medical, LLC is doing everything they can to affect positive change in Maryland's Medical Cannabis Laws. 

Green Leaf Medical, LLC has been awarded a stage 1 approval and the build out of our facility is underway. We will produce flower, trim and whole plants that will be available for wholesale to dispensaries and processors throughout Maryland.

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Green Leaf Medical, LLC actively monitors local as well as national laws to elicit changes to existing medical Cannabis legislation. 



A proven track record

Our professional staff includes long time Maryland residents whom have built successful business's in Maryland over the past twenty years.

Our Head of Cultivation brings with him more than six years of experience growing more than fifty strains of high quality Medical Cannabis. We are particularly proud of the more rare strains we will grow, which include strains high in CBD and low in THC. Contact us today to learn more!

Our products will be available at dispensaries throughout Maryland. A complete list of locations that carry our products will be available on our website. If you own a dispensary please contact our team today! Contact